Bookery Fantasy, located near Dayton in downtown Fairborn, Ohio is one of America's Largest Comics Shops and Pop Culture Mega-Stores, featuring 16,000 square feet6 large showrooms, and 4 downtown addresses.  We specialize in vintage comics, rare books and collectibles, rpg and other games, savings on new releases, used paperbacks and hardbacks, and thousands of discount back-issues!

We buy and sell thousands of items:

  • Comic Books & Graphic Novels (1900 to Present Day)
  • Rare Books & Limited Editions (Especially Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Mystery)
  • Pulp Magazines
  • Used & Collectible Paperback Books 
  • Original Vintage Movie Posters, Lobby Cards & Ephemera
  • Monster and Horror Magazines
  • Used RPGs & Gaming Miniatures
  • And More!

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Superstar artist Jim Lee returns to The Dark Knight with this painted issue! The impossible has happened and Batman is on the verge of being taken down by an enemy he cannot defeat: a virus for which there is no cure! And his only possible hope for salvation is The Joker! Who infected Batman, what does the Clown Prince of Crime know, and how will The Dark Knight get that information? Together, the enemies crisscross Europe, desperate to find answers before time runs out.




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