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Free Comic Book Day Update

Advance Notice: Just wanted to give everyone plenty of warning so no one makes a wasted trip. Bookery will NOT be participating in this year's Free Comic Book Day (rescheduled to August). With Covid having pushed back the date from May, causing many to be confused about the new date, coupled with capacity restrictions which were in effect at the time (and could be again at any time), it became impossible to make a reasonable judgment on how many comics to order (comics are free to the public, but we still have to pay for them). Also, in the middle of all of this, Marvel is changing distributors, and we are having to establish new accounts, so all things considered it seemed prudent to skip it this year.

HOWEVER, we have ordered FCBD books for those who have established existing files. These will be in your files mid-August, and will not require any specific day to pick them up. We apologize to anyone else who may be disappointed, but ask that you pass on the information so that others can better map out their plans and various shop attendances that day. Bookery, as always, still offers 15% off all new releases and supplies, and we maintain around 40,000 back-issues available for only $1 each. And this is all year round... not just one day. Thanks.