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Recent acquisitions

Come and gone! We wanted to post this CGC 6.0 copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 we recently acquired.... but before we could display it, it already sold... However -- we do want to remind potential sellers out there that we do indeed deal in higher-end books... but with want-lists and numerous collector contacts, sometimes the best stuff never sees the display case. On the other hand, as of this posting anyway, we do have some other books picked-up recently (sometimes more than one copy), including the 1st appearances of The Inhumans, Black Panther, Deadpool, Cable, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Professor Zoom, Star Trek, Jason Todd, Howard the Duck, Eclipso, Bane, Medusa, Ronan, Gorgon, Warlock, Ronan, Ka-Zar and Dragon Man!