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While not a record-breaker for us, 2014 was still a strong year for purchasing collections across a broad spectrum of categories.  Below are just some of the highlights that were bought (and in most cases sold) in the past 12 months.

Comic collections were a bit low on golden-age this year, but strong on silver and bronze-age "hot" books.  Acquisitions included:  Amazing Fanasy #15 (1st Spider-Man, 2 copies),  Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1st Punisher, 4 copies),  Avengers #4 (1st S.A. Captain America, 3 copies), Avengers #55 (1st full app. Ultron, 4 copies), Brave and the Bold #7 (CGC high grade),  Classic Comics #2 (CGC 1st edition),  Congo Bill #2 (CGC high grade),  Daredevil #1 (2 copies),  Detective #359 (1st Batgirl, 4 copies),  Fantastic Four #4, #12 (2 copies), #48 (1st Silver Surfer), and #52 (1st Black Panther, 4 copies), Flash #105 (#1),  Green Lantern #7 (1st Sinestro, 3 copies),  Human Torch #1 (1940),  Incredible Hulk #180 (1st Wolverine, 3 copies) and #181 (1st full app. Wolverine, 5 copies),  Iron Man #1 (2 copies) and #55 (1st Thanos),  Large Feature #1 (1939) and #8 (cgc high-grade),  Marvel Spotlight #5 (1st Ghost Rider, 2 copies),  Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (1st Guardians of Galaxy, 4 copies),  More Fun #110New Mutants #98 (1st Deadpool, 2 copies),  Preacher #1,  Preacher Special #1,  The Saint #5 (CGC high grade),  Showcase #34 (1st Atom, 2 copies),  Sub-Mariner Comics #2 (1940),  Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (1st Darkseid, 4 copies),  Tales of Suspense #52 (1st Black Widow, 3 copies),  Tales to Astonish #13 (1st Groot),  3-Dimension Adventure (1953 high grade),  Tomb of Terror #15 (classic cover),  Walking Dead #1 (6 copies, including 2 at CGC 9.8),  X-Men #1Zoot #12 (high grade).

Hardback 1st Editions included Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1st book ("Tarzan of the Apes"), Ernest Hemingway's 2nd book, and Mark Twain's last book (during his lifetime).  We also recently acquired a nice English-language 1st edition historical chronology published in 1670! 

Among numerous original movie posters aquired are a Charlie Chaplin original one-sheet from 1916, classic 1950s Sci-Fi movies like Red Planet Mars, Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Beast With a Million Eyes, Fiend Without a Face, etc.  Yet to be processed are over 3,000 Lobby Cards, hundreds of one-sheet posters, a group of early Famous Monsters magazines, and several thousand vintage paperbacks.

Now on to 2015!