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Bookery Fantasy Collectibles
Bookery Fantasy Collectibles

Our Collectibles Room carries thousands of comics from the golden & silver-age, bronze-era, and even "platinum-age" books going back to the early 1900s. We also stock hundreds of collectible hardbacks including 1st Editions and numerous limited and author-signed volumes. We have a large and ever-expanding assortment of collectible vintage paperbacks, and are currently establishing a large new area for original movie posters and lobby cards.  CHECK OUT COLLECTION NEWS & UPDATES ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE... "BOOKERY FANTASY" (main site with latest updates)

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File this under the category: "Things You Will Never Ever See At Any Other Comic Shop". I'm a fan of old comics particularly for their historical significance... a window into other times. But this extends to other things too. At Bookery, we also specialize in a lot of books falling under the genre of fantastic literature. This item fits both bills... a famous work of fantastic fiction, and an item of huge historical significance. You've probably read about CGC certifying single pages from Action Comics #1, and those pages selling for considerable sums. For me, however, this is even more interesting! We have just acquired this single page, authenticated, from one of history's most important books... this is an actual leaf from William Shakespeare's Second Folio, published in 1632! But it's not just any leaf... there were 36 plays in the Folio, so there are only 36 title pages in each volume like this. Moreover, this is a title page to one of the 4 or 5 most famous of all of his plays. Complete volumes of the Second Folio exist in only a few copies (a recent one sold for half-a-million dollars), so for us... a page like this will have to do! Presented here for fans of the rare and unusual.


Today marks the birthday of two giants of genre literature. Lord Dunsany of Ireland was born in 1878, and specialized in fantasy and supernatural fiction. His tales continue to influence many authors to this day. In salute we highlight this scarce 3 volume set rarely offered for sale all together. Published 2004-2005 by Nightshade Press, it collects all 154 of Dunsany's "Jorkens" tales, which were highly popular when they originally appeared 1925-1957. ($550). Born 1916 John D. MacDonald is considered one of the greatest detective fiction writers of all time (Dean Koontz cites him as his single favorite author). One of his novels was filmed as "Cape Fear" (twice), but his best known creation is investigator Travis McGee. Shown hear is the 1st edition of the final McGee novel published in 1985. ($35).